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If You Truly Love Steak…



Did you know that droolworthy is a word? Well it is, it’s in the Oxford dictionary and everything. And if you’re a lover of steak, and cookbooks about steak, droolworthy just may be the most perfect word to describe Rob Firing’s latest offering, Steak Revolution, on bookstore shelves now, just in time for grilling season.  Continue »

Homemade Pita for the Barbecue




It’s no secret that food tastes better outdoors. And food-meats, certain vegetables, potatoes and fruit- are also taken to another level after being introduced to the grill for a few minutes. But if your barbecue or grill has a lid, and a mechanism for regulating heat, you can also use it for roasting or baking potatoes and making pita bread. Continue »

Summer Grilling: Spiducci




We love grilling and barbecuing in the summer-and in other seasons too, for that matter- and the more we grill, or barbecue, the more we discover different methods of grilling and smoking, and the more we are motivated to seek out new recipes and explore and sample different culinary masterpieces that we can add to our repertoire. One such discovery-for those of us late to the party- is spiducci, the classic Italian meat skewers.

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Kebab’s Yer Uncle




Holy rain, Batman! What a damp spring we’ve had! But despair not, things are slowly returning to normal in and around Toronto, and the forecast calls for sunny periods all week. And the May 24 weekend will be upon us before we know it, which means at least one very important thing; it’s time to prep your barbecue and grill for the season.  Once you’ve done that a whole new culinary world awaits. In the spring and summer, grilling’s where it’s at, and one of our favourite things to grill on the ol’ BBQ is a kebab. Continue »

Steam it on the Grill



It’s hot outside. That makes it hot inside too, and other than going out for dinner, that makes cooking outside pretty much the only option. The idea of turning on the oven is scary, and who wants to turn their kitchen into a Turkish sauna by steaming vegetables on the stovetop? It might even be better to get a propane gas grill or the versatility. According to a review on Top9Rated, “The first consideration you need to make is just how large you want your grill to be. Size is where competing grills are going to differ the most. Number of burgers able to be grilled at any one time is a great way of comparing different sizes – after all grilling burgers is a typical activity for grill masters like yourself. ”

Cooking our meat and vegetables on the grill is your best bet in the dog days of summer, but not everyone is a fan of grilled vegetables. It’s true, there are those that don’t care for the blackened edges and charred taste of red peppers, portabello mushrooms and onions, and certainly the idea of grilling carrots or green beans or snow peas seems destined to failure. This leaves us with an altogether healthy, delicious and simple solution; steam your veggies on the grill. If you love steaming vegetables on the grill , you must check out mim for more tips. Continue »