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The Beautiful Pomegranate




The beautiful pomegranate has been a part of our culture for millennia. It was used by the Egyptians as medicine, and appears in the mythology and literature of the ancient Greeks and Romans and looms large in Judeo-Christian literature and art as well. Native to the Middle East, South Asia and parts of the Mediterranean, its cultivation has spread through centuries of trading and exploration to Egypt, China, Western Europe and the new world, especially California, introduced there in the eighteenth century by Spanish settlers. Continue »

Oscar Night Feast

Awards season begins with the Golden Globes but the big night we’re all waiting for comes this weekend.

The Academy Awards will air on Febraury 26th, giving you time to plan a fantastic Oscar viewing party. Since this type of entertaining means all your guests will be glued to the TV you want to be sure you have more than one set or keep the guest list small. You’ll also want to serve a lot of easy to eat finger food, but this isn’t the Super Bowl so no Frito Pie and Buffalo wings. Continue »