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Crofter’s Jam

“Jam isn’t complicated; it’s not going to change the world in any big way. By operating a sustainable business – a business that can be sustained environmentally, and by workers, consumers and a profitable bottom line – we can impact the world in many small but measurable ways”.-Crofters




I had to start this post of with this little “credo” from the Crofter’s website. It really explains a lot, especially for those of us who believe that it’s the little things that count. Could you save a few pennies and buy another brand of jam, let’s say a company that is a household name, in every household in the western world? Of course you could. And if that is your thing, go for it; the jam will be a “serviceable villain”, fine for a slapdash PB&J sandwich, but seriously, can you possibly imagine talking to a friend about how delicious it is? About where the fruit is grown? How it was harvested? Who made it? Do the people that make it even care about these things? The answers to these questions, respectively, are “Are you kidding”,  “I have no idea” “Who cares?”  “Some sad, factory drudge” and “I seriously doubt it.” Continue »