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Summerland, A Great Cookbook Any Time Of Year



Is Summerland the best name ever for a cookbook? Maybe. In this country, we go ape for anything related to summer. Now, in the summer, when you think of  cookbooks you might just think of  Atlanta’s Anne Stiles Quatrano  and her beautiful collection of recipes that are “refined yet relaxed’, a celebration of the inimitable style and hospitality of the South. Continue »

The Condiment Aisle: Ketchup

This is the first image that comes up when you Google ‘ketchup’.

Malcolm Gladwell, the Canadian intellectual, author and journalist, wrote at length about ketchup for the The New Yorker,and the article appears in his collection of essays, What the Dog Saw and Other Adventures. In the essay, The Ketchup Conundrum” Gladwell argues the reasons why the public welcomes a variety of tastes when it comes to mustard, and tomato sauces, but is staunchly resilient to any ketchup that strays too far from the taste of good old Heinz.

Who knew that a condiment as seemingly innocuous as ketchup could inspire such impassioned journalistic investigation, and weigh-in as a metaphor for cultural conditioning? Continue »