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We Heart Shishito Peppers

Shishito peppers with bonito sand. Photo by Food & Wine


August is the time for peppers and this week we want to focus on the little shishito. This Japanese pepper is incredible on the grill and swept North American restaurant menus like wildfire back in 2018. Now they can be found in the produce aisle, ready for you to take home and cook up yourself.

This pepper goes well with strong flavours and there are so many unique recipes out there. We’ve rounded up a few standouts to get you started. Have you ever tasted bonito sand?

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Snack Plating for the Holiday Week



Ah, the week between Christmas and New Years, you just don’t feel like cooking, especially after a high-powered holiday.There are only a few times of year when the fridge is as overflowing as it will be over the next few days. Magazines are filled with tips for using up all that turkey. Recipes for turkey hash, turkey soup, turkey a la king…We prefer a simpler approach and just use whatever is already on hand to throw together a snack plate. Continue »