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BBQ Like A Pro

We interviewed competitive barbecue chef Stephen Perrin about how to get the best results when cooking barbecue this summer.


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How did you end up becoming so interested in BBQ, was there one defining moment that made you fall in love with BBQ? 

During a trip to Whistler, I visited a local barbecue restaurant called Dusty’s and was fascinated by their smoking and grilling techniques and the overall concept of a BBQ joint. I was excited by the challenge to try out a whole new style of cooking since I was coming from a fine dining, classical style and decided to open up my own spot.  Continue »

Sound the Shofar, it’s Rosh Hashanah

Rosh Hashanah, the Jewish New Year, begins at sundown on September 16. Although no work is permitted on this day, this certainly doesn’t mean there is no feasting. Here I’ve gathered a selection of all my favourite recipes for a traditional festive dinner. From brisket to kugel, I’ve got you covered.

One of the customary treats on Rosh Hashanah is apples dipped in honey, a delicious snack at any time, and especially now that  local apples are literally falling off the tree, and Ontario boasts many amazing aviaries producing stellar liquid gold. Continue »

Holiday Food Survey Results

happy little gingerbread men

We were curious to find out what you like to make, bake and eat over the holidays so we sent out a survey on twitter last week. We got a huge response, you guys are really passionate about holiday food! Continue »