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Our Proud Producers: CIPM Flours


 CIPM Flour

It used to be that the only selection of milled flours available to consumers in grocery stores was good ol’ All Purpose Flour. There’scCake flour, pastry flour and whole wheat…but they all seem to be treated with additives or come from two or three hugely recognizable brands, and trucked in from who knows where. And let’s face it: lately wheat has been getting a bad rap, with more and more trembling citizens afraid of a slice of bread, thanks to the frankenwheat that now passes for food. Continue »

Use Your Noodle


We continue our exploration into popular Asian dishes that can be easily made at home (we started with dumplings and wonton) by looking into noodles. Noodle bars and ramen joints are going gangbusters in Toronto these days, from Momofuku’s Noodle Bar to Kinto Ramen you can’t throw a chopstick without hitting one. And they are all, always, packed. So maybe instead of waiting in line at a restaurant every time you feel the need for noodles you could stay home and make them for yourself. Continue »