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Palm oil has no place in our butter supply

Have you found your butter harder to spread at room temperature? While you might think that’s due to the fact that it’s cold outside, it is potentially caused by something else entirely – palm oil!

What the h-e-double-hockey-sticks?!

We looked into all the details surrounding #buttergate, so you can be well informed before you make your next butter purchase. Continue »

Bragging Rights: Homemade Butter

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You know how you’re all impressed when you go to a restaurant and they serve “house-made” butter with the basket of bread? Well it turns out that making your own butter is incredibly easy. And when it comes to wow factor, serving your own house made butter is guaranteed to get you some bragging rights. Continue »

You Can’t Top This Muffin

Muffins are a one of our favourite things to snack on; and homemade muffins are so easy it seems silly to buy them. From the start of your prep to taking them out of the oven, it only takes about half an hour. Depending what you put in them they can be wholesome, nutritious, holier-than thou or borderline decadent. Continue »

How To Save the Summer

I hate to bring it up, but fall is right around the corner. Seems like such a shame that your herbs which have been growing like gangbusters all summer will be wasting away or freezing to death at the first frost. No matter how often you use them, there they are, growing like happy weeds. The sight of bushy tarragon plants, basil, thyme and mint mint mint  everywhere will remind you that you really should be doing something to capture their delightful fresh essence to enjoy over the leaden winter. Continue »