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Sophia Roe appreciates the true beauty of the humble cabbage, why don’t the rest of us?

Cabbage gets no respect. It is possibly the most versatile veggie in existence and yet it doesn’t get nearly as much love as the carrot or the broccoli. Come on people – let’s show the cabbage some love.

Today it’s all about the killer cabbage content. Continue »

Cabbage Rolls for St. Patrick’s Day


When is the last time you made cabbage rolls from scratch? Living as we do in a city like Toronto we can so easily pick up delicious ready made cabbage rolls from any number of Eastern European neighbourhoods, like Little Poland on Roncesvalles. Making the cabbage rolls at home means you can decide on exactly how you like them done. Some like them with rice, some with oats, some are made with beef, some with a mix of beef and pork and some have sweet and sour elements while others are strictly savoury. Make them the way you like and throw together a big batch, then they can be portioned and frozen so that you’re well stocked with rolls for a while.  Continue »