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Grill Your Catch


Sandy at the Lake of Bays

Sandy and trout at the Lake of Bays


It seems more and more of my friends are fishing this summer, and today’s post features a few pictures of them showing off the fruits of their labours. Some fish for sport, and follow the “Catch and release” directive, while a good many of us find that there are few things quite as rewarding-or delicious-as cooking your own catch.

Whether at the cottage, or camping, or grilling at home, grilling your fish (or someone else’s) is fun and easy if you follow a few simple tips. By the way, these tips work if your catch of the day comes from our fish department, or from your favourite fishmonger as well. Continue »

Happy Canada Day 2011

Our spring and summer have started off chilly and wet but today we’ve got blue skies and shining sun. Time to get out into the beautiful day and celebrate living in the greatest country on earth.
Whether you’re camping at the Pinery, sailing down the Rideau Canal, hiking in the Green Belt, water-skiing at the cottage in Prince Edward County, or grilling grass fed steaks on a fire escape in Parkdale, we’ve got some tips for you to make this Canada Day the best you’ve ever had. Continue »