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The Lemonade of Your Dreams



The lemonade of my personal dreams is made with lemons that have been grilled. Then I purée some watermelon and add a bunch of Perrier so it is slightly effervescent and not too sweet. Continue »

Discovery Day in Newfoundland


Map by Paul Parsons

Map by Paul Parsons


With Brexit on everyone’s mind these days, it’s a good time to give pause and reflect on how fortunate we are in Canada. Our National Day, Canada Day, is this Friday, and, knock on wood, our country appears to be safe, and sound, hale, healthy and united. “A Mari Usque Ad Mare” is our national motto, appearing on our coat of arms and on all our passports; from Sea to Sea. With that in mind, today we turn our attention to the last piece of the puzzle that is Canada, the easternmost province of our country, Newfoundland and Labrador. Continue »

So You Have to Work on Canada Day


After a weekend of terrible weather we’re happy to see the sun out again so we can get back into enjoying this summer. Canada Day hits on Wednesday and since the celebration is midweek and a lot of us have to work we thought we’d look into a menu that’s easy to execute as soon as you get home. Burgers seem like a perfect choice – they’re easy to cook and serve and go well with any number of toppings. Grab some salad fixin’s and you’ve got dinner down.

Now making your own hamburger patties from fresh ground beef, or veggie patties from quinoa and mashed beans, is all well and good, but for the sake of simplicity and ease we looked into frozen patties. There are a lot of hockey pucks out there in the frozen patty section of the freezer but we found two, one vegetarian and one beef -so no one gets left out, that raise the bar and are definitely worthy of your Canada Day barbecue feast! Continue »

Colourful Cakes To Make You Proud

There is a lot going on this long weekend that merits celebration, and what better way to celebrate a festive occasion than with a freshly baked cake?


Multi-coloured layer cakes have been around for years. Italian communities in the U.S. in the 1900’s often baked an Italian Flag cake to honour their heritage. Consisting of three layers representing the three colours of the Italian Flag, the idea has caught on and been expanded and developed over the years, with Italian Flag Cake leading the charge. Continue »

Happy Canada Day 2011

Our spring and summer have started off chilly and wet but today we’ve got blue skies and shining sun. Time to get out into the beautiful day and celebrate living in the greatest country on earth.
Whether you’re camping at the Pinery, sailing down the Rideau Canal, hiking in the Green Belt, water-skiing at the cottage in Prince Edward County, or grilling grass fed steaks on a fire escape in Parkdale, we’ve got some tips for you to make this Canada Day the best you’ve ever had. Continue »