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Plantain Tostones





We may call them plantains, to differentiate them from bananas, but there is no real botanical distinction between bananas and plantains. Plantains are a large cultivar of the banana family, generally higher in starch than their smaller cousins, so are most often cooked before eating, while they are still under-ripe. Thus a plantain makes a great side starch dish that is not sweet; an immature plantain has a texture and flavour somewhat similar to that of a potato when cooked. The skin of an immature plantain is thick and green, but as the fruit ripens it turns a colour similar to bananas, and the starches are converted to sugar, so they can be eaten raw as well, and in fact taste like a banana. Continue »

Recipes to Celebrate Caribana Weekend



The long weekend is here and so is Caribana – both inspire me to get in the kitchen and try some new recipes. Caribbean cuisine is simple to execute and the flavours are so fresh and fiery. Now seems like a good time to celebrate Caribana, in your home kitchen! Continue »