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Pickled Eggs for Fall




We have a friend who lives in Harrowsmith and he has a few hens. And where there are hens there are eggs, lots and lots of eggs. So every time we visit Matthew we get a bunch of farm fresh eggs, which is great. We love eggs, and having a surplus means delicious omelettes, frittatas and a plethora of baked goods that utilize lots of yolks, like custards and French Vanilla ice cream, and the whites get used for meringues and pavlovas. But what to do when the eggs start piling up faster than we can devour them? Why, pickle them of course! Continue »

Easter Egg Bread




I’ve never made Easter Egg Bread before but I plan to this weekend. I’ve got an excellent savory recipe for it and I’ll serve it with charcuterie and Ontario cheeses and maybe a few hard boiled eggs dyed with beet juice. It’s festive looking and easy to prepare and set out for guests and this savory version makes it great for cocktail hour. This traditional Italian bread varies region to region and often a sweet version is prepared. You can make a long braided loaf, do individual little braided wreaths or a large braided wreath. Coloured eggs are pretty but simple white eggs work well too and might be best for a savory version. Continue »