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Modern Native Feasts

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Have you ever been asked to name a classic “Canadian” food? If so you will probably end up jumping on the poutine bandwagon, or half heatedly suggesting a butter tart, anything with maple syrup, a beaver tail, tortiere or molasses bread, or a Canadian re-invention of a traditional European dish that has been acclimatized by generations, influenced by local fare and adapted to fit the Canadian disposition.
Of course there is a cuisine that has been a part of this land for much, much longer, one that is finally getting its share of recognition and garnering unprecedented acclaim by the food cognoscenti; traditional Native Cuisine. Chefs like Aaron Joseph Bear Robe and his miraculous little Keriwa Café successfully married traditional native fare with high end flair and introduced thousands of Toronto diners to an amazing new world of regionally sourced cuisine that was at once rustic and sublime, local and exotic. Continue »