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Troll Break: A Recipe To Soothe


The trolls are out in force this summer. These times are wild and crazy and the perfect breeding ground for malevolent online trolls. While innocently scrolling through cat memes, or slideshows of gardens bursting with blooms there is no escape from trolls – they are everywhere. Even on our own facebook page. We’re a grocery store! Leave us alone trolls! Go spread your ill will and angry vibes somewhere else.

Just for a moment, let’s take a break from all the trolls and the anger and confusion of life during Covid and get back to what we all love: food. Continue »

Going Green with Iceberg Soup




Chilled lettuce soup is a wonderful addition to any summertime menu, and a great way to use the outer leaves that you might otherwise discard. It may not sound tempting, but trust me, once you master this super easy recipe you just may find yourself making it all summer long. Continue »

Lettuce Rejoice



We love our lettuce. Crunchy Iceberg, tender Boston, Bibb, flashy red leaf lettuce-perfect for lettuce wraps-and good old stout Romaine, we all have our favourites and they all occupy a special place in our hearts and in our crispers, our salads, soups, wraps and sandwiches. Can you imagine a BLT without the lettuce? Well, in addition to requiring a name change for that sandwich it would be just wrong. A few leaves of crisp, fresh, hydrating lettuce is de rigeur in most sandwiches and burgers, offering a satisfying and refreshing crunch to counter the soft bread or bun, as well as adding the benefits of at least a little green vegetable goodness as you wolf down another hamburger. Continue »

Cantaloupe Soup




Perhaps you’ve seen the late night infomercial in which Cindy Crawford shills something called Meaningful Beauty, a skin product (?!) that contains fairy-dust derivatives of some exotic melon found in the nether regions of France. Hogwash! You want the benefits of melon, eat some; don’t slop this goo on your skin. It’s good ol’ vitamin A that does the trick, and 1 cup will give you over 100% of your daily needs.

Continue »

Make New Potatoes The Star Of Your Summer Menu

potato harvest


For fresh food aficionados, nothing beats local produce picked when perfectly ripe, it is the highlight of our year and the fleeting nature of it is one of its charms, part of its allure. You missed ramps this spring? Too bad; you will have to wait until next spring! To help you plan ahead, sites like Harvest Ontario and Foodland Ontario have provided a handy guide to determine growing and harvesting seasons for our favourite fruits and veggies, and this page from directs you to farms around Toronto where you can do just that; pick your own! Continue »