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Chive Talkin’

At this time of year, the usual subjects congregate to debate the signs of spring. Maybe it’s the sight of the first red-breasted robin. Some don’t consider winter officially over until the arrival of wild leeks, while others practically burst into a jig at the sight of a fiddlehead. But for us it is the humble and irrepressible chive that truly means spring is here. Continue »

How To Save the Summer

I hate to bring it up, but fall is right around the corner. Seems like such a shame that your herbs which have been growing like gangbusters all summer will be wasting away or freezing to death at the first frost. No matter how often you use them, there they are, growing like happy weeds. The sight of bushy tarragon plants, basil, thyme and mint mint mint  everywhere will remind you that you really should be doing something to capture their delightful fresh essence to enjoy over the leaden winter. Continue »

When a Potato Steals Your Heart

new potatoes

new potatoes

Growing up in Prince Edward Island made me a potatophile from day one.

I made mashed potatoes for my after-school snack, eaten while watching “The Facts of Life”.

I dated a guy in high school based solely on the fact that he worked in a dairy and could be counted on to show up at my door with a tub of sour cream, our family’s favourite condiment, every time he came to take me to the movies.

Walking through my mother’s herb garden past normal-sized patches of thyme, rosemary and chervil, you’d be ill-prepared for the sudden “Day of the Triffids” moment when you came to the end where the dill and chives grew. The dill and chives were a garden unto themselves, a massive planting that got attacked with scissors every day until the snow flew. Continue »