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From Turkey To Chopped Liver In One Week



If you celebrate Christmas or Hanukkah, or just indulge in the culinary traditions associated with both of these, you are likely to have your fill of turkey and chopped liver. In our house, we like to have turkey for Christmas, which of course means hot turkey sandwiches, turkey pot pies and turkey soup for the following week, leading up to New Year’s Eve a week later when we like to ring in the new year with a feed of chopped liver! And the one common denominator between the turkey and the chopped liver might surprise you: schmaltz, the schmaltz you get when you make a big batch of stock for your soup.

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Chopped Liver Love


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It’s Hanukkah, the time of year when everyone is braising briskets and frying latkes. The humble chopped liver is a dish that deserves some time in the spotlight. Not to be confused with pâté, chopped liver should never be smooth, it is a rustic dish and should always be chopped by hand – just like Bubbe used to make it. Continue »