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Kitchen Classics – The Kurly Kate

There are some things no amount of technology can improve upon. We’ve been thinking about that a lot lately as we’ve finished shooting video of grandmothers cooking with their families for Apron Strings. We’re editing those videos now and we’ll share them with you this Mother’s Day, May 8th. Until then, what are some kitchen classics for you? You know, the kind of thing that falls into the “they just don’t make ’em like they used to” category. Here we’ll present a few of our favourites, what are some of yours?

Let’s face it, we’ve all had a disaster or two in the kitchen. Carrots have been left in the pot and boiled dry, the lasagna has been re-heated so many times it has become “one” with the pan, the pie burnt to a crisp. Out comes the Vim, the vigour, the elbow grease. To hell with the environment, isn’t there some  Hammer Horror chemical cleanser that can atone for these transgressions? Perhaps, but whenever I have to deal with charcoal surprise re-fried beans I reach for Kurly Kate. Continue »