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An Ode to the Pot Pie

We’re putting our focus on reducing household food waste, and holding a contest on twitter to spread the word. Share your food saving tips with us for a chance to win a Fiesta Farms gift certificate.

chicken pot pieOne of the best ways to use up uninteresting leftovers is to make a potpie. Chances are you have everything already in your fridge to do this. Making a pot pie, from leftover veggies, chicken, or other meats is a great and delicious way to not only use up those odd bits in your fridge, but gives you the opportunity to treat yourself and your family to one of the all-time favourite comfort foods. And because the pot pie is made up of leftovers which have already been cooked, it is as quick as it is easy, eliminating the need to buy another round of groceries by stretching what you already have on hand, and cutting down on the time needed to use the oven. Continue »