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Why is the Best Day Off of the Year Called Labour Day?



As much as Victoria Day may give a signal to Canadians that Summer is on the way and it’s time to hit the cottage for a long weekend, so too Labour Day, falling as it does on the first Monday of September, is often regarded as reminder that summer is drawing to a close as schools are opening their doors, days are conspicuously shorter and fall is in the air. Though for most of us, Labour Day now means a lazy long weekend and maybe an evening watching the Labour Day Classic  the holiday has an important place in Canadian history and has been around since Sir John A. was prime minister and the aforementioned Queen Victoria was still not amused.

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See You At The Beer Festival




We had you at “Beer Festival” didn’t we.  Now we know that the summer is a great time to hang out with the kids, but let’s face it; they could use a little time for themselves, and you could certainly use a break, so why not earmark Friday July 26 as the perfect evening to let them sleep over at their friends’ while you and your friends head down to the historic Art Deco Bandshell at the CNE grounds to experience Canada’s biggest beer extravaganza, the nineteenth annual Toronto’s Festival of Beer. Continue »

It’s Time for the CNE

The Ex is here again, and while that means the summer is almost over, it also means cotton candy and roller coasters so it’s not all bad. While vendors try to out-State Fair of Texas each other with gross deep-fried things, there are still lots of wonderful treats to be had as you wander the grounds trying to choose how to blow your dough.

Cotton Candy

In-between rides on merry-go-rounds, ferris wheels and suicide drops you can pick up an array of delicious bites. Continue »