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Canada 150: The Mad Men Days of Glo-Hill




Throughout this year, as we celebrate the 150th birthday of our country, we are having a look at and giving a shout out to some of the Canadian-made products found in the food and culinary profession. Some, like the classic Baribocraft salad service-ware have long since exited the stage, while others, like Crown Cookware are still going strong, putting out superior quality products that will likely be passed down for generations. And one of the more unique, all-Canadian companies specializing in making the dining and entertaining experience a little more exciting was Glo-Hill. Continue »

A New Ginger Ale On The Scene

OD-AH995_Ginger_DV_20110621231943   Often people get hooked into buying the most popular brand because they got lured by a great advertising campaign, or a catchy jingle, or because their favourite movie star endorses it. And once hooked, it is hard to switch allegiances; better the devil you know than the one you don’t. We become owned by a name brand, we reach over a label we don’t recognize for old faithful. Take carbonated drinks as an example. Multi-million dollar campaigns in the seventies and eighties pitted Coke against Pepsi in “blind” taste tests, the theory being that if people judged a product without bias they would purchase the one that tasted better. Getting people branded is a lot easier than getting them to change their minds. Continue »

Your Weekend Cocktail


The weekend is finally here and you deserve a drink! Here’s a delicious and unique cocktail recipe from Liz Campbell, bartender and co-owner of THR & Co., the Harbord Room’s sister restaurant. Campbell makes her pineapple syrup by reducing down pineapple juice, with a sprinkle of hot pepper flakes, until it starts to thicken. The syrup will keep for ages in your fridge and makes for a welcome addition to smoothies or a simple glass of club soda. Continue »

A Cocktail or Two for New Year’s Eve

Blackberry Syrup is one of mother’s little helpers that no larder should be without. We sell the NutraFruit brand, with its pretty illustrated label, in the store. It makes a nice change from maple syrup when poured over waffles and pancakes, blended into yogurt or poured over vanilla ice cream with fresh berries for a quick and elegant dessert. This versatile condiment has a myriad of uses, but we believe that it is best used for cocktails, especially during the winter. Especially on New Year’s Eve.  Continue »

Quench – Raspberry Lemonade

Lemonade is a summertime favourite and it never tastes better than when it is made with fresh squeezed lemons. We like to add fresh Ontario fruit to our lemonade as well. Raspberry is a favourite, but you can use strawberry, blueberry or cherry. Continue »