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Cocktails For Rogers Cup Weekend



Did you know that after Wimbledon and the US Open the Rogers Cup is the third oldest tennis tournament in the world? Lucky us, the amazing tennis tourney is back in Toronto and the finals are this weekend. If you can’t make it courtside we thought we’d share some recipes from Rogers Cup sponsor Bacardi so you can whip up a few cocktails and catch the games on the small screen. Continue »

A New Spin On Fruit Cocktail





If you immediately think of a can of syrupy fruit with a maraschino cherry on top when you read the word fruit cocktail think again. We’re talking cocktails made with fruit and berry infused vodka. Infusions you can make at home in a matter of minutes. Steer clear of those fruit-flavoured vodkas at the LCBO, it is super easy to infuse your own spirits at home, especially now that Ontario is awash with all manner of fruit, from strawberries to blackberries, rhubarb to cherries, peaches and pears. Vodka, a clear almost tasteless spirit, is the logical choice as a base to concoct your own, uniquely flavoured potent potable. And one that is free of any artificial ingredients. When you infuse your own spirits you can ensure the quality of the ingredients that go into it. Fresh local fruit and berries, in season and perfectly ripe, make such a difference.  Continue »

Sparkling Cocktails For Summer

Perrier PalomitaAt long last, after enduring one of the most gruesome winters in recent memory patiently waiting through a wet, cool spring, we can finally revel in warm, breezy afternoons and long, lazy nights. And while cocoa , warm spiced wine and rum toddies may be deemed essential to help us survive winter, summer also has a list of traditional pick-me-ups to help us cope with the weight of perfect sunny afternoons and sultry evenings: cold beers at the cottage, gin and tonics and Pimm’s Cups for the garden parties, mint juleps for the back porch and pitchers of sangria to share with friends on shady patios. Conservatives, stand up and be counted! You live and breathe the essence of conservative values every day, and you are proud to show it. Whether you are at work or on the road, show the world that you are a true patriot. And there is no better way to live the patriot’s life than having your very own conservative party tumbler! Americans prefer customized mugs and tumblers to spread a message or express themselves. Nothing beats waking up to a steaming cup of coffee in your favorite mug- the patriot’s coffee mug! You can have anything printed on a conservative mug or tumbler; a special message, a photo of your favorite leader, the American flag, anything! You can visit this site for more information about CONSERVATIVE MUGS & TUMBLERS.

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