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A Time For Cabbage


You probably have a cabbage in your house already – think thick cabbage rolls stuffed with beef and rice and cooked slow in tomato sauce, steamed, buttered cabbage with meatloaf or a hearty pot roast – and now is the time to be serving it. Raw. Yes, raw cabbage will save your life and deliver you happy and healthy into spring’s warm embrace. Continue »

Sandwich of the Month – Pulled Pork & Coleslaw

It’s May and considering we did a vegetarian sandwich last month, we thought we’d do something full of meat. This sandwich requires that you make most of the components from scratch but it is well worth the work and pulled pork is honestly the easiest thing in the world to make. Get yourself a pork neck or pork shoulder and braise it in ginger ale or coke for 3-4 hours until it’s fall-apart tender. Let cool.

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