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A Talk With Anissa Helou For Ramadan


Anissa Helou is known affectionately as the “Julia Child of the Middle East”. She has written eight cookbooks on Middle Eastern, North African and Mediterranean Cuisines. This month she’ll be taking part in a talk about Ramadan organized by one of Canada’s foremost culinary leaders.

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Supper With Syria



Fiesta Farms will be donating ingredients to a fundraising dinner to help Syrian refugees. Inna Gertsberg is one of the organizers, along with Sang Kim and Lara Zahabi, I spoke with her about the event and how everyone can get involved. This post is illustrated with images of traditional Syrian dishes that should be mouthwatering enough to encourage you to buy a ticket to this incredible dinner. Continue »

We’ve Been Named Corporate Citizen Of The Year!

A guest post by Christina Palassio, Communications Coordinator at the Stop  Community Food Centre.

More than 100 people braved blustery winds on Wednesday night to attend The Stop Community Food Centre’s 2011 Annual General Meeting. Held at our 1884 Davenport Rd. location, the evening featured hearty plates of brisket, creamed kale and roasted Brussels sprouts, Stop slideshows, folk tales by storyteller-in-residence Dan Yashinsky and farmer Margaret Zondo, and a year-in-review round-up by Executive Director Nick Saul. There were also awards—our favourite part. We were delighted to present one of those prizes, our Corporate Citizen of the Year Award, to the wonderful folks at Fiesta Farms. Continue »

Run For Biodiversity


It’s summertime and the marathons and fun runs are out in full force. This is a time to do your part for a good cause while getting fit and having something to brag about at the water cooler on Monday. What better cause than to help Ethiopian farmers start a seed bank? Check it out and we’ll see you at the run.

On October 16, USC (Unitarian Service Committee of Canada) joins millions of people around the world in celebrating World Food Day.

Biodiversity is all about food and farmers. It’s the earth’s life-support system, and nature’s brilliant insurance policy against disaster. If something fails, there’s a back-up plan: Biodiversity!

Much is at stake for us all, and in a real sense, USC is helping farmers plant the Seeds of our very Survival

All donations for this year’s Run for Biodiversity, Toronto will go to support USC’s work in the East African country of Ethiopia.

Our goal is to raise $5,000 to support the Wollo Community Seed Bank, where Ethiopian farmers are conserving seeds from dozens of food crop varieties to ensure they will always have vibrant seeds for changing local conditions. Continue »