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If You Truly Love Steak…



Did you know that droolworthy is a word? Well it is, it’s in the Oxford dictionary and everything. And if you’re a lover of steak, and cookbooks about steak, droolworthy just may be the most perfect word to describe Rob Firing’s latest offering, Steak Revolution, on bookstore shelves now, just in time for grilling season.  Continue »

The Southern Po’Boy Cookbook

po boy cover


“I’m just a poor boy, I need no sympathy…”- Queen, Bohemian Rhapsody

It is March break and the snowbirds have descended on sunnier climes, slapping on the sunblock, playing canasta by the pool and indulging in the local fare. It is pretty much common knowledge that if you want authentic Cou cou with Flying fish, you should go to Barbados, if you want authentic Texas Barbeque, make a road trip to the Salt Lick  in Driftwood, Texas, and if you have a hankering for a classic New Orleans Po’Boy sandwich,  recently declared the Best Regional Sandwich in America by the Huffington Post, you’re going to want to stroll the quaint streets of the French Quarter and check out Johnny’s Po-boys.  

Continue »

Escape To the Caribbean With This Cookbook




This winter is a real doozy, and it is only half over! Dreams of sunning myself on a beautiful white beach somewhere in the Caribbean have been dancing in my head for the past several weeks, and my facebook feed is overflowing with photos of my friends doing just that. For those of us unable to make it down to the steel drums of Jamaica or any of the destination islands, maybe the best way to indulge in the tastes and aromas of the Caribbean is to open Jonathan Phang’s The Pepperpot Club- A Celebration of Caribbean Cuisine. Continue »

Modern Native Feasts

native feast cover


Have you ever been asked to name a classic “Canadian” food? If so you will probably end up jumping on the poutine bandwagon, or half heatedly suggesting a butter tart, anything with maple syrup, a beaver tail, tortiere or molasses bread, or a Canadian re-invention of a traditional European dish that has been acclimatized by generations, influenced by local fare and adapted to fit the Canadian disposition.
Of course there is a cuisine that has been a part of this land for much, much longer, one that is finally getting its share of recognition and garnering unprecedented acclaim by the food cognoscenti; traditional Native Cuisine. Chefs like Aaron Joseph Bear Robe and his miraculous little Keriwa Café successfully married traditional native fare with high end flair and introduced thousands of Toronto diners to an amazing new world of regionally sourced cuisine that was at once rustic and sublime, local and exotic. Continue »

Great Pub Food At Home


Pub cover

The last two cookbooks we’ve reviewed have been pretty top-heavy with leafy greens. Kathryn Anible’s Leafy Greens cook book and Susan Sampson’s oeuvre in the same vein are both marvelous, informative and packed with the best ingredients and the best intentions. But let’s face it, sometimes you have to let your hair down a bit and cook something slightly less virtuous. Continue »