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Cookbooks To Curl Up With


We buy cookbooks for the recipes, to give us inspiration in the kitchen, but also, sometimes a cookbook is more than just beautiful pictures and delicious dishes. When is the last time you actually read the cookbooks in your collection? They are a treasure trove of great writing. While the libraries are closed and bookstores are shuttered, take a look at the cookbooks you already have. You’re in for a treat. And we’ve got some suggestions – none of these books are new, and some are all but forgotten. You can also check for some more suggestions at Mossgreen Childrens Books. Take a look on your shelves, you may already have a few titles worth curling up with… Continue »

Eat At Home




Summertime and the living is easy. And in the summertime, cooking should be easy too. Happily for all of us, Toronto chef, writer and television personality Voula Halliday has presented us with a wonderful little gem of a cookbook to make it so. Just when you’re thinking your only recourse is to light the coals or phone for take-out, along comes Eat At Home. Continue »

Notes from a Liver Lover



Fergus Henderson

Fergus Henderson


Long before Fergus Henderson and the like made “Nose to Tail”  dining fashionable for this generation of foodies, thrifty folks were eating liver and other organ meats like kidneys and lamb sweetbreads, the latter being the somewhat euphemistic name given to the thymus and pancreas. Liver in particular has a hold on our culinary imagination, as beef or calf’s liver appears on diner menus throughout North America, and most households that participate in an omnivorous diet will have liver every now and then, whether or not it is particularly esteemed.

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Modern Native Feasts

native feast cover


Have you ever been asked to name a classic “Canadian” food? If so you will probably end up jumping on the poutine bandwagon, or half heatedly suggesting a butter tart, anything with maple syrup, a beaver tail, tortiere or molasses bread, or a Canadian re-invention of a traditional European dish that has been acclimatized by generations, influenced by local fare and adapted to fit the Canadian disposition.
Of course there is a cuisine that has been a part of this land for much, much longer, one that is finally getting its share of recognition and garnering unprecedented acclaim by the food cognoscenti; traditional Native Cuisine. Chefs like Aaron Joseph Bear Robe and his miraculous little Keriwa Café successfully married traditional native fare with high end flair and introduced thousands of Toronto diners to an amazing new world of regionally sourced cuisine that was at once rustic and sublime, local and exotic. Continue »

New Fall Cookbooks from Old Favourites

For baseball fans, autumn means the World Series, The Fall Classic, when the year’s top teams battle it out and the best in the game strut onto the playing field, ready to knock it out of the park. And though the World Series just wrapped up a few weeks ago, in the cookbook world, fall is also the season when the Big Guns come to play, bringing with them their best offerings of the year, anticipating a grand slam of their own.



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