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Foolproof Over Easy Eggs



People can be very demanding when it comes to how they like their eggs in the morning. You wouldn’t think that there could be so many variations on a couple of eggs, but there are. Whether you like your eggs sunny side up, over easy (or as my father-in-law used to call them, “Introduced to the pan”), medium or hard, scrambled soft or scrambled to something akin to foam insulation, or boiled soft medium or hard…if you are preparing eggs for someone who specifies any of the above, you’d better get it right! And don’t even get me started on poached! Continue »

Raisin D’Etre

It has come to our attention recently that raisins are getting a bad rap. People seem to be crawling out of the woodwork to climb on the raisin-hating bandwagon; there’s even a Raisin Hater Facebook Page! Presumably it’s run by folks clad in this.


raisin t


We’re not sure who started this unfair and unwarranted dislike, or why, but we are here to come to the defence of the humble raisin, and to sing its praises as one of the most beloved and versatile ingredients in the pantry. Continue »