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Cooking With Kids During Quarantine

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The kids are home for the foreseeable future and everyone is going stir crazy. Now might just be the perfect time to get them in the kitchen and teach them how to cook. It’s also a good time to try some new recipes. Aren’t you getting tired of all your old standbys? Read on for inspiration for both cooking with kids and trying out some new preparations in the kitchen.

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The Simple Pleasures of Baked Apples




The other day I had a hankering for Canada’s favourite, apple pie. It was a cold, snowy night that called for a steak and baked potatoes supper followed by good old-fashioned apple pie. But the road to Hades is paved with good intentions, and by the time push came to shove making a pie from scratch just wasn’t in the cards. Yet I had all these large Granny Smith apples, purchased for this purpose. And I still had that apple pie craving. What to do? Continue »

Homemade Halloween Kisses


Love them or hate them the candy kiss is one of the most iconic of Halloween treats and they tend to be the very last candy to be gobbled up. We aim to change all that with this delicious homemade version that can be enjoyed year round. It’s Halloween tonight, time to thwart ghouls, goblins, tramps and vamps by treating them. Most of us already have an arsenal of tried and true store-bought goodies to shell out. Some have even gone to great lengths to make sure the treats are homemade, and-horrors- even good for you. We have always considered a Halloween treat that is good for you to be the equivalent of receiving an educational toy as a birthday present, or signing a pre-nup agreement the night of your wedding engagement. Continue »

Family Day Fun



Family Day is the perfect opportunity to get in the kitchen with your kids. That is one thing that is so important to their future, and I don’t mean that in a haute gourmet snob way, I mean not knowing how to cook is part of the reason why we have frozen dinners and KD. When you don’t know how to cook you don’t buy vegetables or rice or flour – you avoid raw products because you don’t know how to use them. Your cart fills up with processed food and that’s how you feed yourself. It’s unhealthy and it’s bad for the environment and for the local food movement we all believe in and work so hard to push forward. Continue »

Kids in the Kitchen with Maia Filar – Natural Educators

Maia Filar is pas­sion­ate about giv­ing kids a proper foun­da­tion in culi­nary skills. In this, her third video in a series she talks about how kids can share the recipes they learn in the kitchen with their friends at school.


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