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Best Pairing: Ontario Corn & Chardonnay



Corn on the cob. Those four words are full of magic for most of us, redolent of summer camp, picnics and bonfires at the beach, and we here in Ontario are lucky to have an abundance of at least three delicious varieties available to us for most of the summer and fall. We’re also lucky to have incredible chardonnay producers in this province. Nothing goes better with corn on the cob than a chilled glass of crisp chardonnay.

In Ontario we grow yellow, yellow and white-sometimes known as peaches and cream- and white corn among the dozens of varieties, available from July to October, and each has their own unique flavour profiles and varying levels of sweetness.  Continue »

Community Calendar – Eating Contests

It used to be that the only eating contest on anyone’s radar was the famous Nathan’s hot dog bout on Coney Island. Traditionally the domain of Americans, competitive eating became a somewhat serious sport and eventually trickled down to the masses, as explored by the brilliant and disgusting “Man Vs. Food”.

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