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Canadian Favourites: Stoned Wheat Thins



Hey Girl...I'm still Canadian

Hey Girl…I’m still Canadian

Canada is celebrating its sesquicentennial this year, and we thought we’d have a look throughout the year at a few products that we’ve either grown up with or are identifiable as Canadian. There are lots of items out there that have stood the test of time and have been gracing our tables for generations. Maybe the company that originally made them has been purchased by an international conglomerate, but we still call them our own. Sort of like our favourite movie stars. Continue »

Our Proud Producers: Elsa’s Story Crackers and Cookies


elsa 3

Elsa’s story, the manufacturers of superior quality cookies, biscuits and cakes based in Nahariya, Israel are going gangbusters these days. Started as a small family business, it now controls over 60% of the premium biscuit market in Israel, and exports their crackers, biscuits and strudels to more than fifteen countries throughout the world, including Cold War pals U.S. and Russia, Japan and China, Britain and Germany and, thankfully, Canada. And the cookie shall bring them together! Continue »