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Are You A Beerologist?

“Every beer is worth trying at least once”- Mirella Amato We Canadians love beer. We drink it, we brag about it, we cook with it, we buy great little cookbooks that inspire more cooking with it, and we hold summer beer festivals in its honour. Surprisingly, however, when it comes to beer consumption on a per capita basis, Canada is not even in the top twenty, hovering somewhere around # 21-25, depending on who you believe, with a per capita consumption of about 68 litres per person per year. Compare that to the 158 litres per person in the Czech Republic, the #1 nation when it comes to beer guzzling. Come on Canada! Own the Podium!   BeerologyBeer-Book Continue »

Video: A Few Minutes With A Brewer

Here we continue our video series and spend a few minutes with a brewer, talking about local craft beer.

Eat, drink & support local sustainable economy at the Brewer’s Plate, 2013


April 17th is the 6th instalment of a beer and food lover’s fantasy.

The Brewer’s plate highlights, supports and promotes local economies and the entrepreneurs that make them up. Specifically, the ones who make and serve beer and fare with a care for craft.

Proceeds for the annual event go to Not Far From The Tree, a great local non-profit that harvests fruit on private and public property, then divides it between the pickers, the owners and charity. Continue »