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Eat Your Greens! Swiss Chard




We all know that leafy greens are powerful storehouse of nutrition, packed to the rafters with vitamins and minerals and loaded with antioxidants, all the while managing to be cholesterol and fat free. Spinach and kale are both old and new-school darlings in the leafy green pantheon, and right up there with them is Swiss Chard, one of our favourite and most versatile of all greens.

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We Are What We Eat: Iron



This guy ate well!

This guy ate well!


Continuing on in our “We are what we eat” series, today we have a look at one of the more noble and press-hogging elements that we absolutely cannot do without; iron. The name itself conjures images of strength and power, mass and might. Human history even has an Age named after it! By mass, iron is the most common element found on this planet, and the fourth most abundant element in the earth’s crust. It is an essential element for most life on earth, and it is in our bodies, all of us, we are all iron men and women. Of course it’s not like our skeletons are made of cast iron, clunking around. In humans, iron is present throughout our entire bodies, on a molecular level. The amount of iron in our bodies is only 3-4 grams, distributed throughout the body in hemoglobin, tissues, muscles, bone marrow, blood proteins, enzymes, and plasma transport. The greatest portion of iron is in our blood, in hemoglobin. Continue »

On Special: Kale

Watch the back page of the Fiesta Farms flyer each week for a new On Special featured ingredient, then check out the website for fun facts and recipes.


For some time now, Kale has been recognized as one of the Top Dogs when it comes to healthy eating. Indeed, this king of Superfoods is like a superhero, delivering knockout punches to ill-health and rescuing us from dubious dietary practices. It has even become the darling vegetable of A-list celebrities, with superstars like Angelina Jolie, Katy Perry, Gwyneth Paltrow and Woody Harrelson all touting it, according to Green Heritage News.

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