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Five Things to Do With a Huge Zucchini

zucchini fruit

How to deal with the giant zucchini in your life.

Some people grow giant zucchinis in their gardens. Some people have giant zucchinis foisted upon them. So, now what? Here are some tips for any zucchini-hugeness crisis you may be undergoing.

1. Do this immediately: write a note to yourself and put it somewhere where you won’t miss it. “HARVEST ZUCCHINI!!!” That’s so you won’t miss the next one, as it doubles, triples and fourples in size. Then one day you may actually harvest a nice, normal sized zucchini. Delicious, aren’t they?

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Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner with Roger Mooking

Food Network star of ‘Heat Seekers’ and ‘Everyday Exotic’, Roger Mooking, tells us where his favourite spots for BLD are in Toronto.

Video Post: Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner with Kevin Brauch

The latest in our series of videos where we discover the favourite restaurants of Food Network celebrities in their home town. This time we’re talking with Kevin Brauch about his haunts for breakfast, lunch and dinner. He’s a fan of roti, fresh squeezed oj & oysters.


Thinking About Dinner?

Rodin's The Thinker sculpture in the vegetable garden

Hmm, sauteed spinach with a side of kale?

French sculptor Rodin, like his countrymen, most likely loved his food fresh from the garden. This little copy of Rodin’s The Thinker is plunked down in a vegetable garden, at a house with an almost completely edible front yard garden. This new growing trend takes edibles out of the back yard and puts them out front for all to see. And when edible plants are as pretty as these leafy greens, why not? At this sustainably built house, grape vines are trained up a porch, artichokes grow next to roses, berry bushes and strawberries scramble over the edging. The Thinker ponders while spinach, kale and potatoes grow all around him. It’s a little easier to imagine what’s for dinner when dinner is growing three feet away.

Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner with Chef Chuck Hughes

Montreal chef and Food Network star, Chuck Hughes, of Garde Manger restaurant and “Chuck’s Day Off”,  has just published his first cookbook. He’ll be launching the book in Toronto on May 14th, get your tickets here.

Here he tells us his favourite picks for three square meals a day in his hometown.