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That Greasy Paper Towel From Breakfast Is About To Become Your New Best Friend

Don't throw out that paper towel!

Don’t throw out that paper towel!



The next time you’re draining the breakfast bacon be sure to save that greasy paper towel. Here’s a tip that will reduce waste and save you money. Bacon – the gift that keeps on giving! Continue »

Enrich Your Life With Gelatin


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We just got our first snowfall and with that thoughts quickly turned towards soups, stews and pot roasts. When preparing these cold weather classics it’s always a good idea to have a batch of beef or chicken stock on hand, and a well-stocked freezer (see what I did there?) will have a couple litres at least of each. A good stock differs from broth in that broth is typically a liquid that meat has been cooked in, whereas stock is a more flavourful, complex and nutritious, made from simmering the butchered bones, cartilage, and connective tissues along with whatever meat is on the bones, usually for a number of hours. These compounds dissolve during the lengthy simmering process into gelatin and it is this component that makes a stock luxurious, shimmering and smooth when liquid and a savoury jelly when cold. Continue »

Popcornaments & Gingerbread

Have you finished decorating your tannenbaum? Have you dusted off last year’s box of decorations only to find the tinsel is so old all the silver has worn off? Is that precious box of ornaments now a sad little box of broken colored glass?

How about cooking up your own Christmas decorations? Literally. Continue »

Make Your Own Laundry Soap

I have often seen bars of laundry soap on store shelves and wondered what they were for. I have Laura Ingalls Wilder images of a happy washerwoman skipping through a field of daisies down to the creek with a basket of laundry, and whacking a dirndl against a rock, furiously rubbing it with an oversized chuck of soap and rinsing it in the bubbling brook. Or maybe the bar of laundry soap is used as a pre-wash; applying a vigorous rub with the soap on a stubborn stain before throwing it in the machine.  Continue »