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Two Words: Campfire Cooking




Canadians love the outdoors; we get out of the city whenever possible and we embrace the change of seasons, and when we can, we camp in the wilderness-or at least semi wilderness- and we cook outdoors. Is it too early to start thinking about camping and cooking in the great outdoors? We don’t think so. There’s a reason so many people rhapsodize about the Canadian spring, but so few of us really get in touch with nature this time of year. And if you’re thinking about camping you’re going to want to brush up on your campfire cooking skills.  Continue »

On Pots And Pans

Every household  in Canada should have a cast iron frying pan. We would go into more detail about it, but we have already covered that and we don’t want to seem obsessed! But it’s true; once you fall in love with your cast iron pan you’ll never go back to aluminum, or PFOA coated non-stick pans which you should stay away from altogether. Ditto the crock pot, an indispensable piece of equipment that doesn’t get the respect it deserves. We have found two new cookbooks that will inspire you to embrace the crock pot and the cast iron pan. Continue »

Warm Up Your Weekend With Pot Roast

March has come in like a lamb and is going out like a lion. Even though we have spent much of the month reveling in unseasonably warm weather, busting out the barbeque might have been a bit premature. With temperatures expected to drop below zero this weekend, and a forecast for some flurries, it may be a good weekend to bring out the Dutch oven and indulge in one of our favorite seasonal dinners, classic pot roast. Continue »

Oxtail Soup

Well it is almost November, and you know what that means. For us here in Ontario, the fall season is when we get excited again about slow-cooked comfort food. Time to break out the Dutch oven fill it with meaty bones, hearty root vegetables and cover it with a lovely stock, then let it slow cook all afternoon.

Relox, it’s not really an ox. When’s the last time you saw an ox? Continue »

Going Dutch

This month we are honouring the amazing and versatile Dutch oven. This classic workhorse has been feeding Kings and Queens, French fops, pioneers and cattle rustling cowboys for over three hundred years.

The Dutch oven has been given its moniker due to its origin in the Netherlands in the late seventeenth century and has certainly withstood the test of time. Made famous throughout Europe by Dutch traders, the utilitarian cooking pot has spread around the world, from France, where it is known as a “cocotte”, to Japan, where it goes by the name “tetsunabe.” Continue »