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A Cup of Tea For A Cause

The Ontario Network for the Prevention of Elder Abuse (ONPEA) is asking families, businesses and communities around Ontario to join the conversation over A Cup of Tea to better protect their loved ones.

A Cup of Tea for the Prevention of Elder Abuse is an Ontario-wide fundraising campaign to raise funds and awareness for ONPEA’s Seniors Safety Line. ONPEA is asking supporters to Host-A-Tea party in their home, office or association for a minimum donation of $25 per home (under 10 guests) and $100 per office/association.

In appreciation, we will send out a Help-A-Host box of tea, other goodies and information on elder abuse to share with their guests.

Registration is now available online at

As Ontario’s population of residents 65 years and up continues to rise so do the realities of elder abuse. Elder abuse takes many different forms; it’s as varied and individual as its victims themselves. What doesn’t change, regardless of the type, is that elder abuse happens far too often and it must be stopped. Continue »