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A Hero On Every Shelf


The company behind the fantastic website you’re currently reading is a local Toronto firm called Hypenotic. Hypenotic is run by Barry Martin, a true visionary when it comes to web design and branding – did you see that Globe & Mail article about his work on this very site? Check it out here.

Barry is also a passionate supporter of all that is local, organic and artisanal in the Toronto food scene. He and his team have come up with a new initiative for the Fiesta Farms website. As if it wasn’t already great enough what with my blog posts and recipes and Sarah Battersby’s excellent Fiesta Gardens posts, now you can check out a new section on the site. Continue »

Give the Gift of Ontario

The coming months mean a lot of things for Canadians; barbecues, beaches, farmer’s markets and cottages. They also mean road trips. This is when we hop in the car, RV, train or bus to head out on the road to see friends and family or just to have an adventure away from home. Here in Ontario we’re bordered by Quebec, New York State and Manitoba. We can hop a lovely Porter flight from downtown Toronto to just about anywhere. For those of you hitting the road this summer may we suggest the perfect gift to bring along?

The Ontario Food Care Package!

You don’t need to know if Uncle John is an XXL or XXXL when scrabbling for Blue Jays t-shirts at the souvenir shop. Your nephew doesn’t need another felt pennant with a moose on it and your friends in the Finger Lakes aren’t dying for shot glasses emblazoned with a beaver holding a maple leaf. Give a gift that fits everyone and that shows off where you come from in a real way. Continue »