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Ancient Grains: Amaranth



Amaranth is one of nature’s best kept secrets. An ancient grain that possesses all eight essential amino acids and one of the highest levels of protein of any grain (although technically the tiny little beads typically referred to as amaranth are the seed of the amaranth plant, not an actual grain). The tiny seeds are also an excellent source of iron, with a serving of only 3 tablespoons providing 25% of your RDA of iron. A good source of fibre and calcium, this toothsome little grain is also a good source of Vitamin B6 and Vitamin C. It’s free of trans fat, gluten, cholesterol and vegan to boot!

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Have You Ever Tried Coconut Sugar?


Many of us are wary of white granulated sugar, and the processing and refining of white sugar often leaves much to be desired, as it can involve  the use of chemicals like phosphoric acid, calcium hydroxide, and can even utilize ground bone char in the refining process.

For these reasons many choose to eschew refined white sugar altogether, opting for less processed alternatives like honey, agave syrup, or maple syrup and maple sugar. Add to this list coconut flower sugar. Coconut flower sugar is a surprisingly delightful way to sweeten your life, and, like honey, agave and maple sugars, it has its own unique-and delicious-flavour profile. Continue »

Hot Chocolate You Can Feel Good About

It’s true that fair-trade and organic, non GMO products are most often a little more expensive than the big name brands, and paying a few cents per item more may go against the grain of die-hard bargain hunters, but  factor in the reality that those few cents from each of us add up to more than the eye can see. And it’s not a huge ordeal to buy fair trade; even items as common place as cocoa have a huge impact on the quality of life for workers abroad as well as local businesses. Take Camino Fair trade and organic hot chocolate for example.




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Our Proud Producers: Dr.Bonner’s Magic Soap



Dr. Bronner’s Magic Soaps are the number one selling brand of natural bar and liquid soaps in the U.S., certified fair trade and organic. The popularity of these products grew naturally and organically, as it were, through word of mouth, taking a few generations to spread from its humble beginnings, to hippie counter-culture to achieving mainstream success; from the road not travelled to life in the fast lane. Continue »

Pour Some Organic Free Trade Sugar On Me

Is this the best song of all time? Probably. It is one of those tunes that you will be rocking to every time you waltz up to your neighbour’s front door asking to borrow a cup of the stuff.

Most of us use “the white death” every day without giving a second thought to where it comes from. That bag of  brand X  granulated sugar on your shelf, what do you know about it? Is it beet sugar from Canada or cane sugar from south of the equator? Today we have a brief look at some of the options available for your consideration. Continue »