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A Busy Day in Canada!



It’s a pretty busy day across most of this country. Here in Ontario it is Family Day , so we hope you’re spending the day taking advantage of all the activities specially designed for this day in and around the city. In Prince Edward Island it is Islander Day, celebrated this year with the premiere of a new Anne of Green Gables movie! In many respects, the famous work of literature by Lucy Maud Montgomery put PEI on the map, and is still one of the defining points of interest regarding the province, having attracted millions of visitors to the island since the book’s publication in 1908. Continue »

Monday is Family Day



Is it just a coincidence-or is it fitting- that Family Day immediately follows Valentine’s Day? This Monday, February 15th is Family Day in Ontario, Alberta, Manitoba and Saskatchewan, a holiday that was originally created so families could spend time with each other, but also because, let’s face it, we need a break in this bleak month; the last holiday was New Years Day and the next one doesn’t happen until Good Friday. That just won’t do. Continue »

Family Day Fun



Family Day is the perfect opportunity to get in the kitchen with your kids. That is one thing that is so important to their future, and I don’t mean that in a haute gourmet snob way, I mean not knowing how to cook is part of the reason why we have frozen dinners and KD. When you don’t know how to cook you don’t buy vegetables or rice or flour – you avoid raw products because you don’t know how to use them. Your cart fills up with processed food and that’s how you feed yourself. It’s unhealthy and it’s bad for the environment and for the local food movement we all believe in and work so hard to push forward. Continue »

Family Day Survival Guide

A lot of stores will be closed for Family Day tomorrow, including ours, so we thought we’d put up a post today to give you some ideas for how to finish up your long weekend. This way you can stock up on what you need today and have a fun, stress-free day tomorrow.  Continue »