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The Royal Winter Fair Starts Today

Piled squash with labels, just a peek at the food bounty at the Royal.

Piled squash with labels, just a peek at the food bounty at the Royal.

Today is the first day of the Royal Winter Fair, showing off Canada’s agricultural excellence. It’s more than just a horse competition, (although the horses are fantastic) this year the focus is on food, For the Love of Food, especially of the local variety, with lots of activities for kids and adults alike. It’s a perfect family destination for its 10 day run. For kids, there is the petting zoo, a playground (and rest area for parents) called Ag-tivity Central, and a really cool looking interactive exhibit called the aMAZEing Food Journey, showing how food travels from farm to table, with gigantic hanging vegetables at the entrance.

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Our Proud Producers – Filsinger’s Organic Foods

Located in Bruce Grey County, just outside the tiny hamlet of Ayton, Ontario you can find one of the oldest organic farms in Canada, Filsinger’s Organic Foods. Founded by Alvin Filsinger in 1953, this farm has stayed true to its roots over the years and has become world renown; Filsinger himself was honoured with the Lifetime Organic Hero Award in 2004 by the Canada Organic Grower’s Association, and his methodologies are studied at McGill University, The Australia Soil and Health Association as well as academic institutions around the world. Continue »