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Why We Love Edible Toronto

 ET27_Spring2014_COVER   Edible Toronto is one of the best magazines around that showcases the incredible food of the Toronto area and the Golden Horseshoe. Promoting local food and farming based initiatives, Edible Toronto proudly gives a shout-out to all the good work, good people and good things going on in our area that help to create and sustain jobs, bolster the economy and in general raise awareness of the amazing agri-based community we are so lucky to have. Continue »

A New Book By Sarah Elton

The bestselling author of Locavore and the food columnist for CBC’s Here and Now, Sarah Elton is back with “Consumed: Sustainable Food For A Finite Planet”. The book, which launches this month, is a sobering look at the future of food.

“What happens on this planet over the next four decades has the potential to fundamentally alter life as we know it. By 2050, the world population is expected to reach 9 billion people, while climate change increasingly interferes with the way we produce our food. At the same time, few of us know where that food comes from, let alone how to grow it, and we are at the mercy of the multinationals that control the crops, with little insight into the damage their methods are inflicting on the planet.  Continue »

How This Dry Summer Will Affect Ontario Farmers

Unless you have been residing in a cave for the past four months-a cool, dark, wet cave- you are aware that this summer has been one of the hottest-and driest-in Ontario in recent memory.
It is now September masquerading as a hot July day. This may make a weekend at the cottage a welcome trip to Shangri-La, but for farmers throughout Ontario this has been an annus horribilus. And the average consumer will have constant reminders this fall about the mean season, as the amount and variety of produce will be diminished in our supermarkets, and it will cost a little more-all across the board-to stock our shelves. Continue »

Video: Wild Boar Farmers

Here we interview Fred and Ingrid De Martines, the owner’s of Perth Pork Products, about their wild boar farming operation.