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Whisky For Father’s Day



Most guys like whisky, and dad is no exception. His special day is coming up this weekend and rather than traditional Father’s Day gifts like leather bound law books, fly fishing equipment or an elaborately carved chess set – why not give him a gift he actually wants? Continue »

Apron Strings 2013

Just in time for Father’s Day we are ready to unveil this year’s collection of Apron Strings videos. This project is Hypenotic‘s baby and each year she infuses it with the fun, energy and excitement she feels about cooking and sharing recipes with family members through the generations.

“This year instead of focusing on the recipes we’re focusing on family relationships and the way food plays a role in connecting people. These are three beautiful and totally unique stories about fathers and their families and the role food plays in their histories and lives.” – Jodi Lastman

Here they are! Enjoy and make sure you get into the kitchen with your dad soon.

Continue »

In The Kitchen With Daddy

With Father’s Day imminently upon us, it is time to give a shout-out to dads who can cook. Gone are the days when all we expected from Dad was a little messing around with a skillet of Hamburger Helper, or woofing off his eyebrows in front of the barbeque.

Today’s dads are as at home in the kitchen as they are in the garage; indeed, the kitchen is probably dad’s second favourite room in the house. And with television networks and cooking shows dominated by men-and no small amount of Dads- men everywhere are developing some pretty rad skills in the kitchen. Celebrate that with some great and helpful kitchen gifts on Father’s Day, and leave the spaghetti twirling electric fork for your next Secret Santa gift. Continue »

Cooking With Ontario Beer – from Muskoka to Mill Street

Gee I wish I was cooking with some Ontario craft beer right now

Dads like beer and beer and food go together. These days it is not uncommon for discriminating diners to wash down a gourmet meal with their favourite suds, and many dads are finding just as much pleasure cooking with beer as they do drinking it.

Sure, you will want to use a good full-bodied red wine in your beef bourguignon, but there are umpteen ways to use beer in your culinary adventures that wine cannot match.

So this Father’s Day, if you want to encourage the ol’ man to strut his stuff in the kitchen, suggest that he cook with beer. Continue »