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Canadian Favourites: Red River Cereal




We are fond of the four seasons in Canada, it gives us a chance to change our wardrobe, our outdoor fitness activities and it gives us a chance to indulge in seasonal cuisine. Now that it actually feels like winter it’s a good time to indulge in a wintry morning standards like oatmeal or that classic Canadian breakfast favourite, Red River Cereal. On a hot summer day, maybe not so much, but Canadian winters and Red River Cereal have been going hand in hand and mitten in mitten since the early nineteen twenties.

Read all about the amazing woman who invented the cereal here! Continue »

The Incredible Mister Flax



Is flax the most amazing, wonderful and most useful plant of all time? The answer to that is a resounding “yes.” Let’s look at some of the incredible attributes of this most versatile plant and examine some astounding ways that this little plant with the pretty blue flowers has influenced humankind, our diet, our health, how it has clothed us and housed us and influenced our development for 30,000 years. Continue »

Oil 101: Flaxseed

When I was growing up we had one, maybe two, kinds of oil in our pantry. Crisco, or some name brand, purchased because it was the oil equivalent to all-purpose flour. You used it in salad dressings, you used it for fried chicken and fish and chips, you used it for deep-frying doughnuts and for whipping up mayonnaise. Oddly, the chief attribute that this oil possessed was, it was devoid of flavour. Flavour bad! Continue »