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Giving to Food Banks Never Goes Out of Style




There is a lot of gift-giving going on these days, there are so many people to buy for, so many gifts to get for those who seem to have everything, so many cookies to bake and turkeys to baste. So much giving! T’is the season!

T’is indeed. Of course the irony is we spend the time and money on those with plenty, not those in need. This year, instead of buying Uncle Harry another trout tie, or naming a star after your second cousin’s half-brother, how about considering those less-fortunate, those in our city who are easy to buy for, those who are hungry, or cold. Continue »

Taking Action Against Hunger

Thanksgiving is less than three weeks away and many of us have already put dibs  on a turkey that right now is blissfully strutting and scratching around on a farm. Soon we’ll be happily finalizing invitations and planning menus while poring over cookbooks and recipe files.




And finally at the annual Thanksgiving feast, sitting around the table, someone, the hostess or host or patriarch or matriarch will say a few words acknowledging how lucky or blessed we all are; we will nod, and we will raise our glasses in a toast, and we will give thanks. Thank you, we will say to each other, or to some intangible force or entity who has smiled on lucky us, and that will be the extent of our thanks, and that will be the extent of our giving. Continue »

An Easier Way To Support The Food Bank



Over 840,000 Canadians – for a variety of reasons- are forced to use Canada’s food banks each month. The route that brought them there may be different, but the reason is the same; they are hungry. According to Food Banks Canada, four million Canadians are “food Insecure” a term to describe those who “did not have access to a sufficient variety or quantity of food due to lack of money.” That’s 10% of Canadians.

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