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Cookbooks To Curl Up With


We buy cookbooks for the recipes, to give us inspiration in the kitchen, but also, sometimes a cookbook is more than just beautiful pictures and delicious dishes. When is the last time you actually read the cookbooks in your collection? They are a treasure trove of great writing. While the libraries are closed and bookstores are shuttered, take a look at the cookbooks you already have. You’re in for a treat. And we’ve got some suggestions – none of these books are new, and some are all but forgotten. You can also check for some more suggestions at Mossgreen Childrens Books. Take a look on your shelves, you may already have a few titles worth curling up with… Continue »

New Food Writers You Should Be Reading

There are a million people writing about food these days, some professionally, most just for fun. I thought now might be a good time to scour the net and find some of the most interesting voices out there. It made for a really fun research project, so much so that I couldn’t get this post done in time, hence the lateness.

butter beans and mint by Naomi Rose

Anyway, let’s look at some new food writers that you should be reading.

Keep in mind that these aren’t all “new” as in they just started writing yesterday, but they’re new in the sense that they are not established columnists at the New York Times, they’re new in that you may not have heard of them yet.  Continue »