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Making and Breaking Bread with Grandma Boyd

This Apron Strings post was submitted By Mike Schreiner, Leader of the Green Party of Ontario. He’s also well known for his leadership in co-founding the award-winning organization Local Food Plus.


Also, please keep sending in your own stories and recipes. This project will continue long past Mother’s Day.

Wheat harvest on my parent’s farm was a time of hot, hard work and celebration.  Our extended family helped during those tense days of harvesting, hoping to get the crop in before a storm wreaked havoc on our hard work and income.

Most of our wheat was loaded onto one of my dad’s eighteen wheelers and shipped directly to the local co-op to be transported by train to distant markets.  Unlike his corn and soybeans, which dad sold to local feed mills for cattle, our wheat travelled far from home.

The one exception was the annual ritual of collecting bins of wheat berries for my Grandma Boyd, my mom’s mother.  Idabelle, my ten year old daughter Isabelle’s namesake, collected wheat each year from our harvest, in order to grind it into fresh flour for her famous breads, buns, and cinnamon rolls.  Thanksgiving and Christmas, in particular, would not be complete without a large assortment of her fresh baked goods celebrating the bounty of our harvest. Continue »