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Fruit Fly Invasion

not the best time of year to be leaving bowls of fruit out on the counter

Is this the Summer of the Fruit Fly? From what I have heard, all my friends’ kitchens are being over-flown with the tiny pests. When I have guests over, the first thing they do is look around a bit for the little buggers, and then after a while inevitably come out with it:

“How come my place is besieged with fruit flies and you don’t have any here?”

The answer is simple. There is not much for them to eat chez moi, and very little tantalizing smells to attract them.

the only type of fruit you should have out in your kitchen right now

Fruit Flies, or Drosophila have an amazing sense of smell; they like to eat fruit, and they like to lay their eggs on it. And they can mature in a week’s time, so if you don’t keep on top of it, you will be the unwitting provider for the perfect fruit fly storm. Continue »