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April Fool

spongebob   High-spirited pranksters have been whooping it up on April 1st for hundreds of years. Historians are pretty much unanimous in accepting that, throughout history, most cultures set aside at least one day of the year where it is accepted and encouraged to “prank” your friends. Though the idea of practical joking has spawned numerous television shows like Candid Camera, Just For Laughs and Punk’d and hilarious tongue-in-cheek spoofs like the one featured on The Kroll Show.



The idea of setting aside one specific day per year to indulge your inner prankster seems to work for most of us over the age of eight. The ancient Greeks and Romans had the spring festival of Hilaria, (so now you know where that word comes from) a celebration to honour the somewhat mysterious and fun-loving goddess, Cybele.) April Fool’s Day, landing as it does at the end of Lent, is the perfect timing for a day of merriment and saucy, good-natured impertinence.

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