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Consider The Food System


We’re in a pandemic and we’re all waiting for it to be over. We want to get back to work, get back to grocery shopping with naked faces, meet our friends on patios and toast the death of COVID-19. But, in our impatience for quarantine measures to lift we might take a moment and consider what’s really happening right now. This virus is exposing a lot of things that have always existed but not always been questioned, or at least not as strongly as they are being questioned now. A new vegan cookbook offers great recipes, and some real food for thought. We like to helps the people related to food and food safety process, if you need any help, visit this site.
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It’s About Bloomin’ Time!



Okay, this has not been the most horrible winter on record, but Old Man Winter has been teasing us for sometime, with temperatures well above the freezing mark that have lured shoots out of the ground and made us anxious for the spring equinox, the first day of spring on March 19.

Those of us that want to put a little spring in their step will be able to do so this year from March 11, to March 20 at Canada Blooms, . Founded by Landscape Ontario and The Garden Club of Toronto in 1996, Canada Blooms has since been named one of Ontario’s Top 100 Events by Festivals and Events Ontario and One of North America’s Top 100 Events by the American Bus Association, and has blossomed into an annual right of spring that since its inception twenty years ago has grown to become Canada’s largest flower and garden festival, with over 200,000 enthusiasts passing through the garden Gates at the National Home Show located in the Enercare Centre at Exhibition Place. Continue »