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Everything You Need To Know About Shrimp


Honey Garlic Korean Grilled Shrimp (link below)


We are in the full sun of summertime and the shrimp is hopping onto skewers or into the poaching pot. It’s the ideal summer bite! Easy to cook, served hot or cold, and goes with everything! You really can’t go wrong with shrimp. Or can you…
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Homemade NeoCitran

What a lousy time to have the flu, or even a common cold. Maybe you have noticed that some of your old stand-by medicines are no longer available. It’s true, believe it or not, there is a shortage of several cough and cold medicines such as Buckley’s and that old stand-by, NeoCitran, inextricably linked with images of Saint Bernards and letter carriers warming their feet in buckets of hot water. Truth be told, all is not lost. Many in the health profession aver that cough syrups and medications such as NeoCitran are largely panaceas, that the best cure is rest, lots of water, cleanliness and a good diet.

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Ontario Garlic Deserves Our Support

We wrote about garlic last week and told you about the upcoming Garlic Festival at the Brickworks. In researching that story we came across so many interesting garlic facts we thought we’d pass them along. Did you know that we grow 2,500 acres of garlic in Ontario each year but we still buy 68% of our garlic from China? That’s just crazy. Continue »

Celebrate Ontario Garlic This Fall

The world would be a hollow, tasteless place without garlic. Allium sativum has been cultivated for thousands of years. The subject of Greek myth, and featured in the Bible, the Talmud, Islamic and eastern European folklore, garlic is truly one of nature’s wonders, prominent in traditional medicine and indispensible in the cuisines of the entire world.

When it comes to versatility, garlic does not play second fiddle. Roasted, fried, eaten raw, mixed with butter and slathered on bread for garlic bread, roasted and mixed into mashed potatoes, or hummus…everyone has a favorite dish that, without garlic, would be pointless.

Feel like a quick pasta dish but have no sauce?  Mix a little chopped garlic into olive oil and toss with some fresh pasta for linguine to create aglio olio, a dish that transcends its simplicity.

Another garlic quick fix is from Chez Piggy in Kingston. Their famous gambas al ajilo has become a go-to dish that can be served as a meal or appetizer. Sautee peeled shrimp in olive oil for a minute or two, add equal amounts of chopped chili and garlic. Eat with lots of baguette. Sop up the oil like the insatiable fiend you are. Continue »